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Standing Committees and Groups

2nd Sunday: Council after service 

2nd Thursday: Education planning meeting at 11am 


3rd Thursday: Worship Planning meeting at 10:30


3rd Thursday: Coffee Cookies and Care at 9am                                                   

Gloria Dei Outreach Programs:

  • FISH

  • Pull-tabs for Hospice 

  • Family Promise

June 2- Ralph Moffett and Candace Kolberg will be playing piano in a music recital on Friday, June 2, 2023 at Longview Community Church at 4:00 in the main sanctuary.  Feel free to come enjoy an afternoon of music. 

June 8-10:30 ED

June 14- Noon Wisdom Circle, Bring a sack lunch at Tam O’ Shanter (At church if raining)

June 15- CCC 9am, Worship and music planning 10:30am

June 18 - We will celebrate our 75th Anniversary with a dedication of our new stained glass window & piano.

June 18 - Father's Day and Last day of Sunday School.

June 18- Newsletter deadline

June 24 & 25- Trinity 100 year celebration (Need volunteers from Gloria Dei to help)


July 7-8- Ape caves- Hike the Ape caves (Come for a day or let Pastor Denise know if you want to camp for the night).

July 9-15 Family Promise

July 10&11- FISH

July 13 - CCC 9am

July 15 – Bubbles/Bikes @ Riverside Park (Walther’s)

July 12 – Bowling at Triangle Bowl 6pm (Little’s)

July 20- Worship and music planning 10:30am

July 23- Newsletter deadline

Vacation Bible School – This year we are going to try something different, instead of a week of action we will have 4 fun events planned in July & August.  The Little’s are going to plan a bowling event in July, and Walther’s are taking on “Bubbles & Bikes” at Riverside Park in July.  Deborah has agreed to a “Pool Party” on August 13th after Church, Jackie is going to organize a “Beach Bash” on August 2nd out at Willow Grove park from 5-8. 

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