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Possible outdoor service on Sept 27: please check our Facebook posts for the most current details on whether this will take place!

Sept 13th Service

New Guessing Game Challenge for September.  Gloria Dei folks, guess how many Reese's Pieces are in this dish.  The winner will be announced later this month and receive a gift certificate!  Thanks, Jackie, for the photo.  Please email Jackie or Pastor Lydia with your guess, or you can respond on our Facebook page.

The state of our air outside brings home the reality of these wild fires, even if we have not already been afraid for friends and family members being evacuated.  I'm not sure if Vancouver, Kelso and Longview will ever face evacuation, but the anxiety of our local conditions is real and added to what we're already dealing with.  Here is a prayer to our God of love and grace, compassion and generosity who understands and promises a better time to come.


Loving God, as if these months of pandemic had not been enough, now so much of our surrounding land is on fire.  Some of us know people who have lost property or been evacuated or they are currently on alert.  All of us in the area around Gloria Dei are currently breathing compromised air.  Anxiety and fear are real and contagious.  We need you.  Help us feel your loving presence and know we are not alone in facing this.  Hold us close and help us relax and trust.  Protect those in harm's way.  Protect the fire fighters.  Help them put these fires out.  Be with those who do not have a home to go to, including the homeless.  Give us moments of relief and help us find things to do indoors other than checking the news and fretting.  We need information and readiness but not to heighten our fear unnecessarily.  Fill us with your Spirit of peace and help us share that with others.  Let us rest in you.  This time will end and you will help us rebuild and renew.  Bring us safely to that place.  In Christ's name, Amen.


Let me know if you need to talk.  We will get through this.



Pastor Lydia

Due to COVID-19, Gloria Dei is suspending all gatherings for now.  We live in the name of the one who served and sacrificed for us, Jesus Christ.  Suspending gatherings is difficult, but it helps our wider community by slowing the spread of the virus so fewer are infected and our healthcare system is less stressed.  Led by Jesus, we do our part for the greater good.  

Please check posts at our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/gloriadeilutheranchurch, for more information and our ongoing efforts and ideas to connect and serve during this time of separation.  This is an unusual time and opportunity to practice our faith.  Take care of yourselves and be kind to others.  Stay informed but don’t panic.  Share resources.  Encourage and uplift by prayer, word, and deed.  Love in the name of Jesus Christ who strengthens and encourages us to do great things, especially at times like this!

402 Crawford St
Kelso, WA 98626
(360) 577-1536


402 Crawford St.

Kelso, WA 98626



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